Note to Congress and the White House

We the American people are sick of the bull crap you all have going on.
The way our government is supposed to work , is We the people elect you all, you in turn are supposed to work out new laws to make our Nation better and do away with old laws that did not work.
Try spending less time giving interviews and more time working on our Nations problems.

The budget is a prime example, you all can not even be honest with yourselves, let alone us. These so called cuts that are coming since you all could not work something out, are only cuts to new spending, they do nothing to solve the spending problem we have.

If nothing else at least agree to cap the yearly budget to 2.8 trillion, this at least gives us a baseline to target. Yes I know we still would need to borrow money, however if we do not even attempt to cap the budget we will never solve our problems.

Mr. President we all know you won the election, so its ok for you to stop campaigning ,really!.

For some odd reason we have gotten to the point that making the other party look bad is the goal instead of making our Country better.

President Obama you got your tax hike on the rich, not as much as you wanted but you got one. So now its time for you to give something meaningful. Republicans don’t get greedy take what you want, then divide it by 2 and as long as you get that half, pass the damn law. President Obama sign it,

Why on earth are you folk arguing like a bunch of kids? It blows my mind how silly this has gotten. Both sides are at fault here. The house has passed many bills that they knew Reid would never allow to be voted on in the Senate. So why on earth did you waste our time? The bill’s that you all should be working on are bills that have some chance of being voted on. Same deal with the Senate.

You all need to be put in time out until you learn to behave like adults. Everyone of you do! From the President on down.

Harry Reid take the bills that the House passed and either allow a vote on the senate floor or meet with the leaders in the house to hammer out a deal. The Republicans have made it easy for you to look good. The bill they wanted has been passed for the budget, all you have to do is see what you can remove that you don’t think would be good for the Nation but would still allow the Republicans to pass it.