Nightmare election

With so much going on in the last week of the election , it’s kind of scary at this point. Don’t know what to expect from one day to the next.

CBS is reporting that the FBI found evidence of Clinton emails on Huma Abedin husbands laptop, while she was in charge of State Department. While its to early to tell if these emails are or should have been classified , we do know these are not duplicates

The Hill is asking if Hillary wins should Obama just pardon her? Call me crazy but that’s not what the pardon power is for IMO.

Polls are showing Trump caught up with Hillary in New Hampshire. BI is showing the numbers

While a sitting President almost always stumps for their team , its seems odd that President Obama would do so with all of the legal problems Hillary could be facing . If it was me I would put some distance from Her or any candidate who has so much garbage, coming out about her in the last week of the election.

Fox News is reporting that the FBI is actively pursuing the case against the Clinton foundation . At this point if Hillary does win and it looks like she might, she could be the first President arrested while in the White House. My question is how does one arrest the President of the United States.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that Hillary did not know where she was during one of her rally’s. She was in Winterville and kept calling it Greenville . While I can understand that she has been on the trail for awhile , calling it out once is forgivable , twice makes me question is she just tired or losing it

My personally feeling is that voting for Hillary is voting for four more years of the same. We pay 1000 a month in insurance, took our youngest into the ER for stomach problems , got a bill for 2000 from the hospital . Few years back our copay would have been 200 .

Then we have the next POTUS who will nominate the next few Justices . Which is important to me because I believe the Constitution should be followed not changed by justices because of their personal beliefs 

My vote is going for the person who will nominate the most conservative justices . So I will be voting for Trump. Who was not even in my top 5.

Crazy times we are living in …