New thinking on what we should be doing


New thoughts on the world and our Nations involvement. Other then humanitarian aid , we should spend our money here at home. As for military we should honor our current treaties and nothing else. Defending our allies as long as they try to defend themselves.

Think about it, how long has the Middle East being a peace? Seldom have they had any true peace, let them fight it out. When they attack the West, then our answer should be total war, not limited action. We will never win a limited action, the only type of war we should get in is a total war. Anything less is just window dressing . Look back to the Korean war, Vietnam war and both wars in Iraq. We fought limited actions and nothing has really changed. We got a bunch of Brave Americans killed with little to show for it. I honor their sacrifices by trying to point out its not right to send them into a limited war. Sure we have a new government in Iraq, but how long will they be able to stay together? As it sits today they are still killing each other. As long as it does not spill over to the West or Israel let them kill each other. Sounds harsh I know but why should we involve ourselves? If a nation wishes us to train their troops or police then they can pay us for it.

Now as for Israel, its very simple, if they are attacked then we back them 110% with nothing less then total war. Israel has tried the limited war crap and it has gotten them nothing.

The United Nations is a sad joke, it should be expelled from the States and we should back out of it. In most cases the U.N. goes against what is good for the United States.

Our focus should be on the Americas Between North, Central and South America we don’t need any other trading partners. Sure lets keep trade flowing all over the world, but lets focus on the Americas. We have ever resource, both natural and man made here in the Americas. Why look elsewhere ?

While this might not save our nation it would give us a chance to focus on what we need to do here at home.