Morning round up 10/9/2013

Answer me this question, why do we allow the citizens of countries we invade to walk around with full-auto assault rifles, but here at home allow some states to make it almost impossible for us to defend ourselves? As it stands today, there is a ammo shortage and certain guns are very hard to find. Yet we keep making new gun control laws that only harm law abiding citizens.

Some how a 4 year old boy go a hold of 8 bags of crack cocaine and decided to take it into preschool to show his friends. WTH is wrong with some parents?

A Judge in California had a excellent ruling on a case of child abuse. The parent spanked the child with a wooden spoon, the 12 year old child behavior had grown worse and the parent did not mean to leave bruises.
When I was growing up the wooden spoon was used on us when we got out of line by my Mother. I don’t think she ever left a bruise and she did have a few spoons break on us. My Moms intention was not to hurt us but to discipline us.

California has decided there is no such thing as an illegal alien. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Trust Act which prohibits illegal aliens from being turned over to ICE unless they have been charged or convicted of a serious offense. First who decides if the offense is serious? How can a state do away with US. Citizenship ? SMH.