Monday round up

First up is sick amd gross “joke” by some California teens.

A group of teenagers poured laxatives into pots of crushed Pringles crisps, then left them out for seagulls – with disgusting results for visitors to the beach.

Link for the full story if you must

Presidential candidate says its time to help the rebels in Syria. While I support Romney I am not sure sending arms to the middle east is a good idea. Those same weapons seem to come back and bite us in the butt.

Mitt Romney has vowed to help arm Syrian rebels fighting against President Bashar Assad’s brutal regime as part of a push to abandon President Barack Obama’s ‘passive’ leadership in the Middle East


With all the problems we have here on Earth I am not sure broadcasting our existence to the rest of the universe is such a good idea. However it may be to late… The Voyager 1 is getting real close to leaving our solar system. There are some good pictures and some data (no idea what all the data means lol) at the link
On a side note if we do develop a warp drive in my lifetime I think I should be the first Captain since I always wanted to hook up with a Green Chick 🙂

More from California seems that with all of the problems they have with their money they really did not need another scam costing them another nickel. Yet that’s what they got.

Rampant fraud within California’s recycling redemption program is costing the state millions of dollars, as scammers drive trucks full of cans across the border from Nevada and Arizona to collect nickels on deposits that were never paid.

California gives a new meaning to the saying “and the hits just keep coming” linky

Gas hits $6 per gallon in San Diego I don’t really need to saying anything on that one..

Not sure why this ex-NFL cheerleader is even in court. From what I can find out the parents did not have problem that she was dating their 17 year old son. Granted its wrong for a teacher to sleep with their students, but with all the other crap going on… Oh wait, there is a law against teachers using their power to sleep with students. When these things happen and its a young man most people don’t get to upset, but if its a young women people are ready to hang the person. Our outrage should be equal no matter the sex of the victim.
Part of our problem in our modern society is we have glorified sex, when the truth of the matter is sex without love is pretty empty. For a person in a position of power to rob a kid of their innocence is flat out wrong. Sorry it does not matter if the kid was sexual active before the person in power abused their position.

Look at the ads that are all over the place. Its all about what looks sexy, instead of what is right and wrong.  Lets allow kids to be kids for as long as they can.

Just take a look at this link, you will see what I mean. Granted that event was in the UK. but we have pub crawls here…

Don’t people understand how wrong this is?


Florida Republicans are outraged after a school district allowed a pro-Obama organization to conduct student voter registration drives and deliver speeches to classes – but denied the Romney campaign similar opportunities.



The Libya cover up or Libyagate as it will soon be called has some breaking news.

Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick F. Kennedy — who exercises responsibility for all department personnel, facilities, and operations, and who is one of the department’s most respected civil servants, having served in his position under both the George W. Bush and Obama administrations — delivered the assessment in an unclassified, half-hour conference call with staff aides to House and Senate lawmakers from relevant committees, and leadership offices, on the evening of Sept. 12.

Yep the day after he was aware of it being a terrorist attack…. Come on President Obama be straight with the American people on what happen to 4 of our citizens.