Monday round up 10-15-2012

Start today with a feel good story about a boy who saved his Grandmother by carrying her out of their burning home. the boy was burned really bad but still managed to get his Grandmother to safety. The Young man showed lots of courage by doing that. When people are faced with the flight or fight situation its never easy to figure out which one you will choose. This young man picked fight.

You know those sanctions we have on Iran? You know the really tough ones that President Obama keeps talking about? Well turns out the US exports to Iran rose to to $200 million from $150 million last year. Sure its mostly grain but I thought the reason for the sanctions was to get their people to rise up and toss the Iranian leaders out. Those who say its cruel to not ship grain need to think of how cruel it will be if Iran nukes another nation, worse if there can be a worse, Iran nukes Israel and causes the US to go to war with Iran. That’s cruel to a hell of a lot more people then those who are suffering because of their elected leaders. Lets pull heads out of the sand and look around please. Link

Lets think long and hard about this Obamacare. Seems the UK is suffering because of their health care panels. Doctors are telling NHS they should not deny patients because of their age. Seems that’s what’s been going on. This is the same type of care we can expect here in the States. 🙁 Story

More on the young women in Pakistan who was shot for just wanting to go to school.
The article paints the picture on the choices that Pakistan has to make. They can toss the Taliban out or they can allow the Taliban to keep doing what they are doing.

Sometimes, a single act can reveal everything there is to know about someone or something. The attack by the Taliban last week on a 14-year-old Pakistani girl, Ms. Malala Yousafzai, is one of those clarifying moments. The assassination attempt was a cowardly, barbaric deed. A political movement that feels threatened by a 14-year-old child deserves to be isolated, humiliated and disregarded, both for its savagery and for its utter disregard of the rules of normal politics. Now there can be no doubt about what the Taliban stands for or what it will do to realize its ambitions.


Al Gore is going to be pissed, seems that man made global warming is dead. We have not had a rise in global warming since 1997. Yep, its just what sane people have been saying. Global warming is the biggest hoax played on the world ever. Don’t get me wrong I feel we should conserve as much as we can. If we can use clean or renewable energy at a cost that is  the same cost of our current energy price we should do so. Until the technology catches up to make  renewable and clean energy cost affective we just can’t afford to switch. Link

On the jobless numbers, long article here, he does a recap

To recap. The Weekly Jobless Claims on Friday, and consumer optimism reaching a 5-year high, finally broke the bias to sell dollars. But that bias is weak this morning, and looks vulnerable to a reversal. Were games played with the Jobless Claims? I think so! China’s trade figures were better than expected, and we look to Wednesday’s print of third quarter GDP, which should be around 7.8%… And US retail sales dominate the data prints today.

My Redskins won Sunday 🙂 RG3 looked really good. We just need to improve our defense….

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