Military Chaplains getting screwed?

President Obama thinks that allowing Military Chaplains to opt out of marrying Gay military personal is Ill-Advised? Unreal, does he not understand what it take or means to dedicate yourself to God? Once you do so you agree to follow your Religions beliefs. Its not like God gave a list of things he said he would prefer you not do. In fact God knew how simple we humans are, so He spelled it out very clearly on what we can not do. Now there are some religions that allow for Gay couples to marry which is cool if that’s what you believe. However those religions that do not agree should not be forced nor should their Clergy be forced to go against their beliefs.

First of all with all that we have going wrong in our Nation, the President wants to worry about who marries who? Please, this is such a no brainier its sad. Common sense would tell you that if your Gay and wish to marry in a Church you need to find one that allows gay marriage. I am floored that the most powerful office in the world is concerned over this.