I have not be following the tragic events in Oklahoma, not because I don’t care, but because I am burned out by all the senseless violence in our Country. When a natural disaster hits, like it did in Oklahoma we all pull together as a nation. People who do not know a living sole in Oklahoma are in tears, thankful that their family and friends are safe yet at the same time sad for those Americans who lost someone. We Americans unite when a tragedy strikes as a people. There is very little people won’t do to help those in need.

I am sitting here wondering what could be so hard about managing the affairs of a Nation with people like ours? Most Americans are not selfish, yes we all have little quirks and some things that we have a hard time giving up, but as a whole we will give whatever we can to those in need. So why can’t our elected officials give themselves over to running our affairs of government? Check the ego’s at the door and get some work done. If your having problems getting along take it to the people, but be HONEST about it. List the differences on a web site and allow the people to vote on what’s important to them. There are ways to prevent people from voting more then once. Those members in the House look at what the people want and then make some compromises. Get the job done… We don’t need all the other bull crap,lets just get the little stuff done, and work to make the bigger things smaller. We don not need new laws, we just need to fix the laws that are broken.

Today I watched part of Apple’s CEO being grilled by congress over not paying their fair share of taxes, when the problem is that our tax code is so screwed up with so many loop holes in it that its hard to figure out which hole to close first. Never mind that they employ over 300,000 Americans. Lets grill a CEO of a company instead of doing our jobs. Never mind that we need to fix our budget problem, that we are about to hit the debt ceiling again. Lets not look at that noooo lets grill people who employ others.

Do we really need to waste more of our time and money on committee meetings that solve nothing?