I have not been posting much at all.  There are many reasons but the biggest is I have lost faith in our political system.  Clinton should be on trial instead of running for President, Trump is a showman , Sanders is the second biggest mistake that could happen to our Nation.

So I have been focusing on family and friends.  Life is to short not to spend time with those you love. For a long time the only things I would talk about were computers and politics. Now I try and refrain from politics , computers is how I put bread on the table so I will always talk about them.

What concerns me the most with what is going on in the world is the lack of Love being shown to others outside of family and close friends.  Seldom do you see someone go out of their way to help a stranger. Yes we still do read about it from time to time but as a whole we have become immune to the suffering of others. We have kids going hungry here in the states , yet people tend to ignore it. Yet when there is a huge accident or natural disaster in the world people will open their wallets up for a one time donation.  Which is great but lets take care of our kids here in the States each and every day.

Not sure how we can get back on the right track of showing love to our fellow humans, but I do know it starts with one person , from there others may see your deeds and start to do the same. Its not all about money sometimes people just need to be listened to. Showing love to others does not mean you have to like them or agree with what they say or think. Nor does it mean you have to change your views on any topic but love. I can love someone who come into our Nation illegally and still have no problem deporting them. The law is the law … 

Think what you can do each day to help someone else. God will help us if we help ourselves.

Sending love out to anyone and everyone