Lies and half truths (rant)

I am not going to list all the lies and the half truths coming from both parties.

At this point the crap has gotten so deep you have to fact check the fact checkers.
The way that our politicians are treating this election (past elections as well) not one of them deserve our respect or our votes.
Yes I have already stated that I will be voting for Mitt Romney, but that does not mean I have to like everything coming out of his camp.

Lets run on the issues!
We need jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Less government more accountability from the government we do have no. No business could run  the way our elected officials try and run our Government . We need people who are going to stop spending money we don’t have and stop printing money.

We need leaders who will lead, not herders. How can anyone think things are ok with us have $16 trillion in the hole?

Every paper, blog and news story I have read today was either pointing out someone’s lie or judging it to be a half truth.
MSNBC should change its name to D.L.P.M.P. Democrats, liberals and progressives mouth piece. They should be ashamed of what they are trying to call news.

While I am bashing the LSM I got to point out that FOX News crossed the line by publishing the name of a Navy SEAL. I don’t care what you think is news if it could get someone killed or someone’s family killed you don’t print their name. Who are you working for? Idiots!!!!!!! The person’s name you published is the same person who has been defending your right to free speech. I expect crap like that from MSNBC but not from FOX or CNN..

Then we have the code pink idiots instead of being respectful they are trying to get mentioned in the news, so they interrupt when a speaker is on stage. What does the media do? They then give them  air time. Instead we should punish bad behavior, easy way is to ignore them. Then when they break the law to get noticed, press charges against them without giving them any air time.

Do they really expect us to believe all the crap they are saying??? UGH… I need a break