Libya and Sandy, Media covers for Obama on both.

Where is the main stream media? Do we even have any real reporters left at those companies?

We have 4 citizens of the United States Murdered with the only real coverage coming from FOX news? Why are the other stations not reporting on this? Why are they not digging into what went wrong? It’s really simple, they are all in the tank for President Obama.

Same thing can be said for the storm Sandy. Once it turned into Obama’s Katrina the press stopped covering it. We had or might even still have Americans digging through trash in order to eat. There is footage from a local station that has not gone National, why? Because it makes President Obama look bad and the election is coming to an end.

They refuse to do what they are paid to do and that is report the facts. Let the American people decide what they think about the facts. FOX news is only focused because they are the only station that reports the negative stuff from both sides. Yes they slant the news towards the right, yet they still some how manage to report more facts that CNN, ABC, and MSNBC combined.

I am not a huge fan of all the talk shows like Rush’s. I tune in when I am driving and I caught part of Rush’s show yesterday. He coined the term Sandy is Obama’s Katrina. Which sums it up fairly well.

Why did the media ignore those people bragging about looting? When Katrina hit the media aired that story. Then you have the people without water and food, yet the media remains strongly silent. The Mayor or NYC was going to allow the marathon to go ahead as planned, until the people slammed him for doing so. We still have not recovered all of the dead bodies, there are still people without power, food and water. Yet he said it was on as planned? Idiot is about the only thing I can say about the guy.

One day soon the Country is going to wake up and figure out that the liberal policies are ruining our Nation. The only scary thing is it may not be in time to save our great Nation.

Going out on a limb here and predicting that if President Obama wins, the USA will break up into smaller countries by the year 2050. We just can’t afford to do everything for everyone. The states that have a good economy and a well run government will come together and put a stop to the drain that the Federal Programs have caused on them.

Take a close look at both Texas and California, both states have huge economies, both state are large and both state have a large population. Yet California is broke, Texas has problems but they are not broke. In fact some of the problems both States have are a direct result of the Federal government not doing its job of securing our borders.

We can fix this ( I hope) or we can stay on this path and watch the fall of what I think is the Greatest Nation on earth. Yes I am biased because I am an American. Yet no other country has fought and died to help others. We have not taken any land in Europe or the Middle east after either winning the war or helping to win the war. In fact we end up paying for the wars with both American blood and money. Yet we take nothing in return, we are trying to offer the people freedom ……