Just for one day, lets not kill anyone.

Lets do a test. For one day World wide lets not kill anyone. What can it hurt? If you still have the urge to kill on the next day, take gun and put it in your mouth and pull the trigger.
Now I am a firm believer in some people should not be allowed to breath. However with all the violence going on someone has to step up and ask everyone to stop the madness for just one day.
Those excluded are the Great people who defend us. Police and the Military, it would be even better if no one gave them a reason to harm them.
Don’t agree with the guy down the street? Move ! Or just avoid him. There is no good reason to blow up a Church or a Mosque, I really doubt God is going to grant you anything good by doing that. In fact I would guess that God will be sending you to hell.

What can it hurt to postpone the violence by one day?