Its not what it should be

President Obama forced the defense contractors not to send out layoff notices, he jetted in to where the storm Sandy hit, had some photo’s taking of him in the situation room and then went about his day. None of the failures of FEMA saw the light of day until after the election. A US drone was fired at, yet the information was not made available until after the election. The Libya fiasco will not end anytime soon, yet the media still won’t report on it. General Petraeus was told about the investigation by the FBI 6 weeks before he submitted his resignation to President Obama. Another after the election surprise. Mrs.. C stepping down as soon as Obama’s second term starts. The house of cards stayed up just long enough for half of the American people to be duped again. Now more people are out of jobs, and yes those owners knew that they would have no choice if Obama won. All anyone had to do was listen to them.

So you can see why I am not real happy nor why I will not let this go. After the President knew he won, he called the UN up and green lighted the UN arms treaty. A treaty that will violate our Constitution, yet since it was not reported on till Friday (for those few who did report it) there will be little or no outrage. After all its the far right who cling bitterly to our Bibles and Guns. Oh snap its not just the far right that likes guns its the middle people as well.

If Obama gets impeached ,and there is a strong chance he could, then we are stuck with Crazy Joe Biden as our new President.

Did I mention that stocks fell after the election? Well they did, seems the right was not the only ones worrying about who won.

Yet people wonder why I am having a hard time watching our Nation get flushed down the drain.

Now it seems that its open season on Israel, after all everyone knows Obama blames Israel for the problems in the middle east, never mind the fact that they have been killing each other since before the 7th century.

If you voted for Obama, I can only assume that you have lost your mind, or that you are not as smart as I had thought you where. Since you allowed yourself to take your eyes off the big picture, which was returning are fiscal house to something that at least looks like we are trying to fix it.

Abortions are not going to be taking from you, its settled law, yet you allowed Obama’s team and himself to fool you on that on as well.
Sorry people, but those that voted for Obama, nailed the last nail into the coffin of The United States America .
Those who have families ,I would recommend moving out of the cities if you can, loading up on guns and ammo, and stock up on food. The shit storm is coming. Just a matter of time before the riots break out in the streets over jobs, food and money.