Islam and peace

With the Arab spring turning into the Arab fall, one has to ask can Islam and the rest of the world coexist ?
Seems we have those who refuse to ask the question, those who ask it inside their heads but are afraid to voice the question for fear of being a labeled a racist and those like myself who ask the question and are having a hard time with the answer. I have friends who  are Muslims that I can’t see  hurting a fly let alone a human. Yet we still have this question, Do the extremists speak for the rest of the Muslims? While I don’t believe so, one has to ask why are they not taking care of the extremist problem? Keep in mind that all the other major religions have had nut jobs in them, but those nuts got denounced and can’t find any support for their views. If their was a Catholic Priest going around telling people to strap a bomb on their chest and take as many non-Catholic’s as you can with you, he would be locked up,denounced and excommunicated by the Church.

All religions have some bad apples in them, yet those religions do not go around killing and maiming other people.

The silent majority of Muslims need to step in and put a stop to the radical Islamic groups. The west is to afraid of being called racist to have any real chance of putting an end to the terrorist attacks. All of the major religions have adapted for the most part with the times. Islam is the only real one that has not. Granted the Catholic Church is still behind the times, but do you see any Catholics stoning  people?

The more I read about the teachings of the Koran the more I am confused. How can a holy book promote so much violence and hatred. When I listen to the news I hear that Islam is the religion of peace, yet most conflicts today are being fought over different religious views.

How is it possible for women to be treated like cattle in this day and age? To have so many rules forbidding Muslim women from doing things is sort of nuts. I can’t see telling my Mom or any of my sisters that they can’t drive. Nor can I see telling them they can’t go to school. It would not sit well with my own moral code and you can take it to the bank that the women here in the states would not tolerate that crap.

So which is it, is Islam the religion of peace? If peace, then the silent majority needs to take charge and put and end to those who preach hate and violence against non-believers. If its not the religion of peace , those of us non-Muslims need to prepare for a long war.

What you do in your own home is, provided you are not hurting anyone, is your personal businesses. Once you bring it outside then it starts to be everyone’s problem.

If I insult Islam, that does not give you the right to put a death sentence on me.

The EU is worried about their citizens going to Syria, learning how to wage war and becoming either radicalized or more radicalized, then return home to wage guerilla warfare or to carry out terrorist attacks.

Valls, the French interior minister, has spoken out strongly, especially last week in the aftermath of the French arrests: “The terrorist menace is mutating.”

Its not fair nor right to force your views on anyone else. I do hope the silent Muslim majority stands up and puts a stop to the radical Islamic s.

Some time peace is just an illusion as both sides gear up for war. Lets hope that neither side feels the need to start the war. Religious wars always end really bad for the losing side.