If Islam is so great why can’t you talk bad about it?

Honestly if Islam is such a great Religion why is it forbidden to talk bad about it? Lets be real, people trash all of the other Religions daily. What would happen if Catholics took to the streets every time someone bad mouthed the Pope? We live in a free society for as long as we can keep it. By allowing anyone the power to limit our speech we are allowing them to take away our freedom. Make no mistake taking away free speech will be the end of our freedom.

Read this from the American Thinker and then tell me we have nothing to be worried about. We are already in a state of decline as a nation. When we allowed the far left to remove  God and his Commandments from Government buildings, we unknowingly started the moral decay we have now.

The Prophet Muhammad can kiss my arse. Its not that I don’t respect other religions I do, and if Islam did not incite riots anytime the Prophet Muhammad was bad mouthed or joked about I would never tell him to kiss my arse..

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