I love guns

I love guns, and all this talk about more gun control is insane.
Guns do not kill or hurt people, people do. A person can kill and hurt a lot of people with a hammer. IMO a hammer is a really good personal defense tool. However like a gun a hammer is only a tool. Its the person who has the hammer or gun that does or does not hurt people.

In a perfect world no one would try to hurt anyone. We will need to wait till we get to Heaven to live in the perfect world.

If you take a hard look at our nation you will find that as we allowed the morals to decline we allowed more evil to flourish.

We have a man getting stabbed  for not allowing a robber to have his phone. If he gave the phone would he have avoided being stabbed ? Who knows…

With the attack at the Theater on Thursday, while I am sad for the victims, it could have been much worse. The shooter had other weapons on him that could have hurt even more people.

Police where on the scene in under 2 minutes. Which is an outstanding response time. The shooter could have gotten away and caused even more harm.

Our knee jerk reaction to these types of attacks are pretty dumb. People want to jump the gun and try to juice up the story. ABC linked the shooter to the Tea Party. Total false but that’s what they said. Congressman jump on any interview they can get and start talking about tougher gun laws. Ever notice how its almost always the same Congress person who the news goes to? The media knows who will get them viewers, and what to expect from that member

Lets go back to the basic of raising kids, on what we accept as normal and what we will not tolerate.

Think about it, back in the 50’s would we allowed kids to walk around with their pants half down? Would kids be allowed to do whatever they want? When I grew up in the 80’s we knew exactly what we could and could not do. Talking back to Mom , Dad ,a Teacher or any adult was a huge no no.

If you got into a fight at school, the school handed out their punishment and when you got home your Parent handed out theirs.

Now we have Police officers stationed at the schools. Why? Because we no longer have a set standard on what we will allow. We have moved the line that you can not cross so many times that the kids are confused.

Lets move the line back at least to the place it was when I was growing up.

Lets bring God back into our lives, the further America gets away from God the further we slide towards evil. Sorry people ,but just because you don’t believe does not mean the rest of us have to keep silent about it.

When we where a God fearing country, our nation was much stronger. For the small % that don’t believe, I am sorry, and rest assured we will not force you to believe , but we should not have to take God out of our day to day lives because a few % of the population does not believe.