House Republicans, JUST SAY NO!

No to President Obama on any tax cuts unless there is a signed deal on reforming both the tax code and the entitlement programs as well as other budget cuts. Yes I want to make sure Social Security is still around in 50 years, but not at the expense of the nation. Someone has to hold the line, Those Republicans that are in the House must be the ones to do so. There is no more kicking the can down the street. If we go over the fiscal cliff, I am sure the media will blame the republicans, since we are going to be blamed anyway lets make sure we do this right. While I am not a Republican, I am a conservative and understand what is at stake here.

In order to avoid voter backlash in 2014 the Republicans need to come out today with a narrative and stick to it. Being nice is over, its time to get bloody (politically speaking) If we do not take control of what is being said we will have a repeat of the 2012 election and be stuck with more Democrats then we have now. I do not have the time to write a detailed plan, but someone has to do so! We need to all stand together on this. They only way I see us getting our fiscal house in order is to go over the cliff. President Obama has left us no choice. Its his way or the cliff … In fact I would bet that the President wants to go over the cliff so he can point the finger right at the Republican and Tea Party folks. Its all there fault they refused to come to the table…. ALL BS. President Obama has submitted a plan, the Republicans countered and now the President has what he wants. He has a group of people he has in mind that he will place all of the nations problems on. There called Republicans, lets face it, he can no longer blame President Bush. Don’t get me wrong he will try, but its time to flip the script.


Here is a few things he will blame on the Republicans, jobs, since the Republicans would not do it my way , we are not going to be able to create the jobs he had hoped for. Total BS but that’s what he will say. Defense cuts, same deal, I wanted to trim the defense budget in a responsible way but the Republicans refused to bargain.  Basically any thing that has to do with a budget and goes poorly will be blamed on the Republicans. Mean while the senate still has not passed a budget.