House and the Senate wasting time and our money

I am pro-life and I make no bones about it. With that out of the way the House voting to ban most abortions after 20 weeks was a waste of our tax dollars. Voting on a bill that does not have a chance to make it to the Senate floor is a huge waste. The only thing it does is allows those in the house to go on record for or against. Most of us already know which way our Congress person stands on the issue.

Instead of wasting time, either send everyone home without pay or do some work. How about removing those laws that are either out of date or are wasteful? Call me crazy but don’t we send those folks to Washington to work for us? Would you allow one of your employee’s to waste company time?

The Senate is no better, they have done the same thing with the new gun control bill, just to name one. How about both sides meet and agree on some issues that they both want to pass and are willing to work together to get it done? Its the only way that anything will get done with the current way Congress is divided.

I say we furlough the law makers and their staff until they can agree on what they are willing to work together on.

At this point I would be happy if they just agreed to all go home and try again next session, without pay of course.