Guns are not evil

Armed guards for him but not for our kids? I just don’t understand how someone can bash guns with one hand and with the other hand sign a bill into law giving himself armed protection for life. I have no problem with protecting our former Presidents, I never thought that the bill limiting protection to 10 years was a great bill.

On the other hand, why is it ok for a President to have armed protection but not a regular citizen ?Some folks just don’t understand or don’t pay enough attention to how our Federal and some states are screwing us over.
Link for above law

CNS news is reporting that a Sheriffs office in Louisiana, is inviting kids to firearms training. The programs is called “Kids first gun program”
Others in the Country would be wise to offer this course even to those who don’t have nor will their parents allow them to have a gun.

Lawmakers in WY are trying to preempt the Feds by passing a law that protects gun owners and makes it a felony offense for anyone trying to enforce a Federal Ban on firearms or mags/clips etc… Link

The Weakly Standard is reporting that after the NRA meet with V.P. Biden that the administration is going after the Second amendment When are people going to understand that our founding fathers put that law in there for the simple reason that we have a God given right to protect ourselves not only from criminals but from Government when it oversteps its authority.

Can guns be USED to kill or hurt someone? Yes, but its the person behind the who is intent on doing evil that is the problem, not the gun.