Gun crime fell over the last 20 years

I dislike the fact that most people think gun crime is on the rise. The reason that folks thing its on the rise is because the media reports only bad news. Heaven forbid they report facts and allow us , the viewer to make up our own minds.
The main stream media needs to go. Its time to get some folks in there who will report the facts and allow us to think for ourselves. Its gotten to the point that people here 60 seconds of news, browse the headlines and then think they are informed.

The plain simple fact is we allowed the media to get away with not reporting facts for so long that they are under the impression we no longer care what happens as long as its presented the right way…

Guns are just one example, there are many others.
A new poll came out that tells us that

56% of the adults polled think gun crimes are more common now the 20 years ago….