GOP, Stop Attacking Yourself!

Regardless if your for Mitt, Newt, or Santorum, we need to be a lot gentler going after each other. There is nothing wrong with talking about the truth, but let’s not beat the hell out of each other.

Keep in mind that Mitt might not fire up the GOP, he does have a large V.P. pool to pick from. McCain did not get the GOP base fired up however when he picked Palin, she did. Regardless of your views about her, she did fire everyone up.

Now I am not saying to pick her as V.P., not when the talent pool is pretty deep.

Think about the people we wish would have run, and now think about them turning down the V.P. slot. Will they really do it? Newt would need a younger running mate. Mitt would need someone from the South or West and Santorum could pick from either one.

Lets stay focused on the big picture, which is taking the White House and the Senate back while keeping the House.