Friday’s odds and maybe some ends…

Chicago’s school teachers still on strike… A page should be taken out of President Reagan playbook to deal with the teachers striking. Report to work or be fired. We are talking about what’s best for the kids. I bet with the unployment being as high as it is we could have these jobs filled in no time. It is high time we break the public unions. NOT The private unions, just public.

Malaysia government gives parents ‘advice’ on how to spot if their sons are gay
I can’t make this stuff up. Just think about the crap storm that would cause here in the States… Every person would be up in arms and rightly so….

Seems the House is voting on a new bill today. One that makes sense… Yes I know its a rare thing, but keep in mind this is the House side of congress those folks do a lot more work then their counterparts in the Senate…. The bill is ‘No More Solyndras Act’. Makes sense, while this bill would not prevent the DOE from issuing the loan guarantee it would make them submit for review the deal to the Treasury dept.

Obama: Too brilliant for briefings
The idea behind being briefed is so you can ask questions… Any person who thinks they can’t further understand a problem by asking more questions is not brilliant, they are pretty dumb. A brilliant person knows they don’t know everything. A really dumb person thinks they know it all.

With the murder and violence directed at our Citizens in the Middle East from both the past and the present it would be smart to pay close attention to the intel that we get. I guess little things beefing up our security before these attacks take place are not important. Lets look at the big picture. It was 9-11, who likes to attack us on 9-11? I know this is a really tough question for you, so I will answer it for you. The Islamic extremist , and guess what we had 48 hours advance notice about the protests. What did Team Obama do with this information? Not a damn thing.

As far as the MSM goes at least one person got to hammer them