Fiscal cliff?

About the Fiscal cliff, Everyone is talking about it, some republicans are saying lets raise taxes on the rich,yet no democrats are saying lets cut spending. The problem is not revenue the problem is spending. The reason I am no longer a Republican is even they fail to understand the simple concept that you can’t spend more then you make, or in this case more then what revenue you bring in.

Let me be real clear, raising taxes on anyone right now, is an awful idea. Our economy is stagnate, so taking more money from anyone will only slow things down, which is the worst thing we can do.  If they really wanted to help, they would stop with all of the regulations and suspend Obamacare from going into the markets. We can not afford all the crap that D.C. keeps coming up with. How many laws do we need on the books? Enough is enough.

IMO the best thing the federal government could do is stop trying to manage the economy. If our elected leaders where really so smart we would never have gotten into this mess.

What we are doing is the definition of insanity, we keep repeating the same thing over and over again , expecting different results.
Neither party will be able to fix the economy. For some dumb reason they both think that the private sector needs the Federal government.

As it sits now our economy will have to overcome the obstacles that the Federal government keeps putting in its way, to correct itself.