Fear Kills

Fear kills… Fear can kill you dead, it can kill your dreams, it can prevent you from meeting new people , it can keep you locked in your mind.

The Media and our “ruling class” uses fear to distract us from the things that need fixing in our nation.

People are upset about having refuges from the war torn Middle East coming to the USA. We should be upset but not with those who are coming here, but with those who have allowed it to get to this point. There are plenty of Countries who could have stepped in and stopped ISIS, the USA being one of them, yet we allowed our leaders to lie to us and tell us they are contained.

I do think we should take the women and children in, I don’t think we should be taking men in who should be fighting to make things right in their home countries.
This all goes back to us not doing the next right thing as a nation. We can’t turn our backs when evil is loose in the world. We tried that in the 1930’s and it allowed Hitler to run wild. We tried that now with ISIS and look what is happening in the world.

In our own Nation we don’t do anything when a Black person kills another Black person, its as if we think its ok, when ISIS was killing mainly Muslims we reacted the same way , sure they killed a bunch of other people and it got lots of time in the news but we did not lift a finger to stop them. After all this was happening in the middle east. That excuse may work for ISIS but what about our cities here at home? There is no excuse to allow evil to run wild, here at home or in other places around the world.
I expect us to go after those that harm other people regardless of the geographic location . To do anything less is to condone evil , you know as long as it does not directly interfere with your life….

end of rant

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