End the Bull crap

The time is now to put an end to all the bull crap.

Pick which side you are on, but before you do, make a list of what you stand for,  compare which party either stands the closest to your views or stands the furthest away. Whichever party you pick get behind them. This election is to important to sit on the sidelines. This is a real game changer on the direction our Nation will take.

(On my list there are things that the Democrats stand for as well as what the Republicans stand for.  Here is a quick peek at part of mine.

1. Pro-life
2. Anti-marriage at the Federal level for everyone. I am for state civil unions for EVERYONE Who wants to join legally  with another consenting adult. Keep in mind that a civil union license should replace the marriage license. Let the Churches figure out who they will or won’t marry. Getting married is not a right for everyone, if it was we would be given a wife, partner, husband etc…
3. Pro-guns, yet I still think background checks should be done and in order to carry a concealed firearm you need to have both safety training as well as being trained to use the gun. Guns are not evil, humans have been finding new ways to kill each other since day one.
4. I believe that people need a helping hand sometimes, I also don’t think that Government should be helping people from the cradle to the grave. There is a balance in there, finding and then keeping that balance is what we need to do.
5.Immigration laws need to be enforced, no since in having a law on the books if every ten years or so we grant some form of amnesty.
6. War on drugs, we lost its over, legalize the crap, tax it and move on. We can’t win this war with people here in the states wanting to get high. Never going to happen unless we load up our borders with our military and issue kill orders for those who lead the cartels. The entire drug war is just another example of big Government running wild. Most people with a brain know drugs are not good for you, yet they will keep catching a buzz or getting high. Lets tax it like we do booze, control what can and can’t go into the stuff, and call it a day.

That’s just part of my list, but from that you can see that picking a party to vote for is not easy. While I was not an early supporter of Mitt Romney, I do feel that he will govern from the middle. Using common sense that we so desperately need. )

People say its not that big of a deal or its Bush’s fault. I got news for you it is that big of a deal and no its not Bush’s fault, Its we the Peoples fault for letting our Government get out of control.

For me, President Obama must go, for no other reason then he refuses to follow the constitution, add that to his vision for America being so different from our founding fathers, it becomes a no brainier 

The only good news about this election is Mitt Romney, he will governor from the center.

I honestly believe that most Americans are more middle of the road and both parties have lost their minds, now its time to pick the lesser of two evils.

Your average American just wants to be left alone to raise their family and live their lives.

Common sense used to be the law of the land, however it seems once we elect a person to public office they tend to lose their common sense. Look back at some of the really silly laws on the books. One sticks out in my mind, its a law that says its ok to beat your wife on Sunday’s in front of the court house or something along those lines. Google it I am not make it up. There is a site that lists all the silly laws that are STILL on the books. I point that out because its not just this group of public office holders it seems there is a pattern.

Should we not all be held accountable for our actions? Don’t we want to go back to the basics?

Its time to get rid of the far left and the far right… We need good old common sense to come back.

As a nation we are being held back by a few groups from the far right or the far left. When something does not get done look for the extremist’s , there you will find the problem.

Yes I want to do away with  many Federal Programs, yes I believe the federal government is way to big. I don’t want the government in my life anymore then is absolutely necessary.

If any government needs to be involved in personal matters like health care ( just one example) it should be my home state’s government that does it. Not the Federal Governments one size fits all crap.

In America anyone can be anything they make up their minds to be. Are there some who have it a little easier? Sure! Bottom line ,no matter what, the only one limiting what we can become is ourselves.  Lets try and keep it that way. The more the Federal Government and to a lesser degree the local government, gets involved in our day to day lives the less free will we have.