Drone attacks only go so far

I have said it before, its fine and dandy to use the drone attacks to take out high value targets up to a point.
Those targets or humans if you will, that we are killing are also high value intelligence assets. We need to capture these people instead of just killing them.
The more targets of high value we kill the less intelligence we collect. I understand that it poses many more risks then using the drones but the risks could have prevented the attacks on our consulate as well as our Embassy’s. Yes I am playing a guessing game here and maybe those targets would not have provided intelligence about those attacks but they might give us more information about what are enemies are planning.

Yes, I get it the President does not want anymore prisoners but without capturing those targets we get zero inlet from them.

Information is power, if we know what our enemies are planning we can stop them in their tracks. War is a messy beast and it involves risks, but in order to win we can’t have our heads buried in the sand.