Don’t expect anything out of Washington D.C this year

It’s pretty much over for the year especially if you consider President Obama’s budget for this year. It shows that he only cares about one thing and that’s getting reelected. Nothing will get done unless it’s for the good of his election campaign.
It’s sad that we live in a time that most of our politicians only care about getting elected or reelected. More than often, unless a law or bill will look good for their campaign, you can forget about it getting passed. Now all of this would not be too bad if our nation was moving ahead. However, it’s not moving ahead, we are running down the exact path that Greece took. Just take a look at how things are going there.
I hope that we can avoid any major problems until 2013, but Iran is working very hard at becoming a huge problem. We need to back Israel and we need to let Iran know that the time for playing games is over. That’s only one of the many problems that can pop up, but at least we know that one is coming.
What to look for this year; the mandate for birth control, immigration, and of course Obamacare. It hits the Supreme Court of the United States this year, fast and furious, and it will not go away. And of course keep an eye out for the secured loads (kick backs) to the green energy companies that have filed for bankruptcy, just to name a few…