Did we consent to the UN?

As I was reading the first headline today, I could not help but to shake my head… Since I am not sure if “We the People” ever gave our elected officials our consent to join the UN. After all of the scandals, and appointments that boggle the mind not to mention the strange “treaties”, our elected officials our upset that the UN refused to investigate the World Intellectual Property Organization, which happens to be part of the UN. Why they are shocked and upset makes me shake my head again…. The UN seldom gets anything right. Yes I know there are a few things that they do , that gets a passing grade but there are not many.

They only reason I can see them being upset is to get a little air time. Both parties are very good at jumping on something if its going to get them some easy free press.

Here is the headline
UN agency slammed after refusing US request for probe into Iran, N. Korea shipments