Defining me

Funny how people automatically think that if a person is a conservative in how they think that government should be, that they are against certain things.

Prime example would be people assuming that I am against gay people or the gay lifestyle . I fail to see why a person who want’s our government to be conservative in spending must also be against social issues. I am not a huge fan of the term same sex marriage when the government uses it, then again I am not a huge fan of the government using the word marriage. In my mind the government should have always issues civil unions and left who married who up to the Churches. I find it hard to understand why the government should even care what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. Are we all not allowed to be happy?

My personal beliefs and how I view God are just that mine. I try to follow the rules in my Church and the biggest rule is not to judge someone but to pray for that person IF they are doing something that my Church teaches that is sin. I am far from perfect and when I hear about a child or a women being abused I tend to lose my mind. Other then those two incidents I try and correct my thinking and pray rather then judge. Am I perfect in this? Hell no, but I am trying.

The other issue that people tend to think is that conservative are against is helping people. Which is sort of funny because conservatives tend to give more to help others then those that identify themselves with the progressive or democratic party. What I think of when I think of helping others is what can I do to help? I don’t think the government should decide who gets helped and who does not, with our tax dollars. Just take a look at the amount and the Countries that we send aid to. I bet most of you would not want one cent going to a few or more of those countries. Its the same with certain groups or non-profits that we fund. Lets be honest who cares how a turtle crosses the road? Yet our tax money goes to fund studies like that. To me way of thinking that money would be better spent on helping a family who is going through tough times. But because someone in Washington decided that if a person makes X amount of money or more , they get no help if they need it.

To me wanting our Government to be conservative is just common sense. Sadly neither party in D.C. wishes to use common sense, instead they try and paint the other side as evil or corrupt.