Daily reads

Here are the places I visit to get my daily dose of news.

Flopping Aces, well written and informative.

CDN while they do put a slant on the news, its not the hard right that FOX seems to be doing.

Hot Air is a mash up of writers and with the many different faces there it makes for good reading. Only thing I don’t like about them is the closed registration. They only open it up for short periods of times, which means unless you are paying attention you will not be able to comment. I understand the reason since the trolls come out in full force if your reporting on something and it scare’s the other side.

For a view from the military minds, I got to "This ain’t Hell" keeps me up to date on what the Government is doing for and against our Military.

The Gateway Pundit is good for getting the word out on how silly some of the crap our Elected Officials try to pull. Plus they do tend to stay on top of what’s going on in DC.

The Other McCain does a super job of keeping up with the elections as well as all the other news.

The Moscow times is much like our papers here but it gives me insight to what part of the world is thinking.

eurasia is slanted to the left IMO however it does get out some good information that you won’t find in our local news.

Front Page jumped back into the fray a month or so ago, either that or their news feed was broke :)…

There are a lot of others, each morning my news feed count is well over a 1000, and like anything else you have to wade through a ton of BS to get to the truth.