Congress and the President bixch slapped the American people

what else can you call it? The failed to even sit down for a meaningful debate on the financial problems we are having. One report said the President meet with Republican leaders for a whopping 7 minutes. Hell, the way the President was talking about these cuts, one would think that the world was ending. What kills me, is the fact that these are not even real cuts, they are reducing the amount of NEW federal spending. There will still be an increase in new federal spending but it just wont be as much as some of our elected officials would have liked..

Imagine if you walked up to your Wife/Husband and said, Honey I am going to cut down on my spending for next year. Their response would be that’s great, maybe I can do the same… Then a few minutes latter you whisper that you planned to spend $100 more each month next year but you will only spend $50 a month more then last year. See there is no cut, instead of you adding 1200 bucks in new spending , your only going to add $600. Do you really think your husband/wife would fall for that?