Confiscation of guns? Then what?

If the Federal or State Government can confiscate our guns, I ask you what comes next? We have a sitting President who is seriously considering issuing an executive order on gun control. Would that be legal ? No! Will it stop President Obama from doing so? No.

Lets say your pro-gun control, so you sit this fight out. When the Federal Government decides that your car must be taken because it burns to much fuel, will you sit that one out as well? Once the citizens of any Nation is disarmed it gives a license to the Government to do whatever the hell they want.

This is looking a lot like Hitler’s move in Germany. Now I am not calling President Obama Hitler, nor am I saying he is going to try and do everything Hitler did. What I am saying is that if we do not stand up to him and his party on the issue of Guns, we won’t be able to stop anything else. If you think they will not take hunting rifles , take a hard look at the U.K. Once the government gets going its very hard to stop.

Take the word gun out of the equation, put in its place anything that is dear to your heart or your freedom. We need to send a crystal clear message to those in D.C. and around our Nation that messing with guns is not an option. We have more then enough gun laws on the books right now that are ignored by those who do not follow the law, we don’t need anymore. How about trying to get the guns out of the criminals hands? Even if they managed to do that, taking guns away from law abiding citizens is still not in the cards.