Computer glitch allows buyers to buy first class ticket to Hong Kong for 33 bucks

Its a mistake, a glitch in the program, or something along those lines. People know that, yet some expect the airline to honor that price.

No one is perfect nor is any company. Knowing you are taking advantage of someone or a company is wrong no matter how you look at it. Sorry people but if its to good to be true then its not true.

One Lady’s comment baffles my mind. Yet her response is part of what’s wrong with our nation.

Susan Clarke, a 62-year-old retired teacher from Aiken, S.C., is one of the people who bought a ticket. She knew it was a computer glitch but booked a trip for March anyway.

“United just made a big mistake and needs to honor it,” she said. “That was their mistake, wasn’t it?”

This lady is a retired teacher who knew it was a mistake, yet she expects the airline to honor it? Shaking my head at the thought of her teaching our children with this type of mentality
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