Compromise is not a dirty word

Not sure how we feel so far so quick. Both parties are to blame, the Media is more at fault then either party. Had the Media stayed neutral and done their jobs , “We the People” could have forced our elected officials to compromise.

Immigration reform? Fine you want the dream act passed? Secure the borders first, make sure the new security at the border works, then we can have immigration reform. We have been down this road before, the last time the amnesty came first then the borders. This time we need the border secured then pass the dream act.
While this might not make everyone happy, it would be good for our Nation. I would add one line to the law, which would state this is the last amnesty type bill allowed to be passed.
I know that some would like us to believe that we should trust our elected officials when they tell us they will secure the border at the same time. Sorry that dog failed to hunt last time and won’t hunt this time.

Both sides agree that the health care law is going to be a train wreck yet they refuse to fix it. Why? Because they are afraid of offending President Obama on the left and the right has been using the law to beat the left over the head. Yes I know the House has voted to repeal the bill, but until the Senate agrees to at least look at it, the House is just blowing smoke.

Working together to do what’s best for our Nation should not be seen as a bad thing.

The Second Amendment is a prime example, the supporters of it have already giving a lot of the protections up, so they feel why should they give up  more freedoms? They are correct, leave the Second Amendment alone. Focus on mental health care and keeping violent criminals off the streets. To me it a no brainier.