CNN tries to paint the Narrative on same sex marriage

Just finished reading an article by Michael Pearson over at CNN.

The way he wrote the article he would have you believe that the majority of the Citizens nation wide approve of same sex marriage. However that’s not the case.

I am a firm believer that marriage is only possible if its between a man and a women.

With that said I also believe that States should only issue a civil union license, and allow each Church to decide who they marry. Just because my religious beliefs won’t allow same sex marriages that does not mean that there are not some Churches that do .

If we removed the word marriage from the license and allow marriage to go back to be between a couple and their God (as they understand God) we could certainly save time, money and a lot of people from having their feelings hurt.

Think of it this way, 2 adults want to spend the rest of their lives together. Regardless of what type of Civil union it might be, straight or same sex, both couples apply for the exact same license from the State. They can then take their license back to their Church and if their Church approves, they can then get married in that Church. Its no different then my Church not allowing me to marry outside of my Church. I am Catholic and if I decide to marry a lady outside of my Faith then I or She needs to convert. A Catholic can’t remain a Catholic if he or she does not follow the Church rules.

Both couples get the exact same rights, the State is now out of the marriage business, and marriage is back in the hands of God. If I am willing to buy the license required by the state for a civil union, why should you care if I get married in my Church? Why should you care if I don’t?

Gay couples deserve the same rights as straight couples,the marriage part should be left up to the Churches. Do atheists have to get married in a Church? No, nor would anyone who wants to define their relationship status have to do so. I know some couples that are not legally married but refer to their partner as their wife of husband.

At the end of the day this issue is supposed to be about Love, so lets make it easy for everyone.

Every couple regardless of sex, who wants a Civil Union, should be allowed to buy it from the state. The state should not sell anything but a Civil Union license.