China vs Japan

In case you have missed it, China and Japan are on the brink of war. If China and Japan go to war, that means the USA and China will be at war. We have a defense treaty with Japan that we would have to honor.

Give Credit to President Obama for beefing up our Pacific Forces. Does anyone want war? Tough question. China’s economy is slowing down and they have a huge population. Having a war would do two thinks for China, it would keep the Current leaders in place and it would put more Chinese citizens to work. Either producing  products for war or by serving.

If they do go to war I think it would set off World War 3. Lets not forget India which is no fan of China might form an alliance with Japan. Russia could sit this one out however I doubt they would. A weak China is good for Russia. Even if they sit out of the shooting war they would help India and anyone else who joined the shooting war against China.

Add South Korea, Vietnam, Australia and Heaven knows who else that would pile on Japan’s side and you have the makings of World War 3.

China’s ruling class is only hanging on due to the economic windfall that has taking place in China. Now with their economy slowing down, A war is a perfect thing to keep the people in line.