CDNews takes a look "At What Point is Revolution Acceptable?"

If nothing else this article will get you thinking about what has been taken place over the last 20 years or so. What freedoms we have lost and those that we are at risk of losing.
Its time for all of us to wake up and take a hard look at the direction our Nation is taking.

Usurped the will of the people by imposing a massive health care law that stifles the free market and individual choices

Required all citizens to buy health insurance whether it is their will to or not, or pay a fine

Required religious institutions to provide services such as contraception, abortion and sterilization contrary to their religious belief, thus violating the right of freedom of religion

Stifled the voices of military chaplains by ordering them not to read a letter of protest to their congregants in opposition of the health care mandate

Attempted to bypass the laws of the land through onerous regulations to try to deteriorate the right of citizens to keep and bear arms

Installed officers into the government, called Czars, who are totally unaccountable to the congress and the will of the people thus violating the sovereign right of representation of the people

Declined to uphold the laws already on the books protecting the nations borders from illegal aliens, human traffickers, drug cartels and terrorists

Actively sought to undermine the power of the states, i.e. Arizona to protect their sovereignty at the border through harassing lawsuits

Put environmental laws protecting wild life ahead of national sovereignty thus creating a hedge on the border where border agents and the military are unable to go and therefore unable to defend against those who cross the border illegally

Put the economic benefit and security of other nations ahead of that of the United States by denying the right to obtain domestic sources of energy at home while at the same time permitting that right to foreign powers, i.e. Brazil and Venezuela.

Used public funds and tax payer dollars to bail out failed green energy corporations, car companies and banks, against the will of the majority of people and expanding the national debt.

Governed by fiat rather than going through congress, issuing executive orders in order to bypass the will of elected officials and the people.

Sent the nation to war with foreign powers without the consent of congress, with no declaration of war, without the will of the people (i.e. Lybia)

Defied the will of the people in certain states in regard to the rights of gays to marry by imposing their will on those states by judicial degree

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