I got nothing today

Sure there is tons of news but none of it good. Plus its overcast and feels like rain here. Never a good combo with my joints. (not the kind you smoke, still don’t do that) lol.

Even my Nephews football game was sort of depressing. He played great and they smoked the other team 47-0 but his school has this silly rule that Freshmen are not allowed to make Varsity football at start of the season. They can be moved up and he did dress for a few games but was told if he played one play he could not go back down to JV. He has 33 or more T.D’s… no idea how many yards and has only been playing the first half in most games.So its boring.

Seems the Taliban are upset with the media coverage so what do they intend to do about it? Well, kill the media of course.