IRS targetting conservatives, why this has upset some on the left

The big reason you will see and hear a lot of folks on the left open up on Team Obama, is because they can see something like this happening to them. Those on the left who wish to ignore this, will be like those people in Nazi Germany who did nothing while others got rounded up. Its all good till there is no one left to speak for you.

We have enough problems in our Nation without having to worry about the IRS being used as a political tool. Not only is it wrong, but it also is wrong to put those who work for the IRS in this type of position. Lets face it, the IRS and the Dentist both already have a stigma attached to them. Right or wrong its the way most people think….

I am not one who wants to impeach a sitting President, and I really don’t want to impeach President Obama, if for no other reason is it would make slow Joe the new President. I feel President Obama is a much better President then VP Biden could ever be. At one point I thought Biden was a good guy, but all that changed when he went from running for President to running for V.P. He changed his stripes very quickly, and yes I understand he had to do so, but he should not have disregarded his core beliefs.

I want a President who stands by his or her values, when its going to cost them public favor. After all don’t we elect the President to do just that? When President Bush was in office he could have green lighted embryo research with Federal funds and it would have given him a bump in his numbers. However he stood by his values and did not allow Federal funds to be used for that.

There is a lot to be said for a person who refuses to back down from his or her core beliefs. When picking our next President we need to look at what they have done in the past as well as look at the platform they are running on. If the two do not match up, then the person should not get our votes.