Few folks seem to really care about our Nation

Watching this election opened my eyes to the simple fact that few people really care about our Nation. They seem to be more into what makes them feel good.  Instead of looking at the big picture they focus on one or two issues. I am guessing either those issues are all they care about or that those issues make them feel good when they are talking to their friends.

The worst cities to live in crime and financially in the USA are run buy Democrats, yet folks keep electing them. It’s the definition of insanity , doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Few people want to take personal responsibility for their action or their family. Prime example is the prescription drug problem we are having. It’s not the Doctor’s fault that a person is abusing the prescription , it’s the persons fault who is not following the directions. When any Doctor I see writes me a script, they explain to me how to take it, they also write it down on the script that I take to the pharmacy . The pharmacy then prints the directions on the bottle. On the bottle you will also find warning labels on what not to do, as well as possible side effects. Plus in the bag they give you a print out with all kind of information. Now because of the people who refuse to follow the directions , the people who are in chronic pain have to go though a ton of hoops , just to get the medication they need.  Instead of saying I failed to follow directions and got hooked on this stuff, people want to blame the Doctors.  I use that example because it sums up how we as a Nation are doing.  Point the finger at everyone else but ourselves.

Lets look at a few issues;

Immigration    we have laws on how people can immigrate to the USA. If you follow the laws , once you get here life can be great. I say can because its up to that person.  Now lets talk about those that come into our Nation illegally. First off they broke a law just coming into the country the way they did. Yet people say lets just grant them amnesty.  They only thing I can think of  that make people say that is it makes them feel good.  If those folks are for granting amnesty , what law will they allow me to break and not charge me? Now this is not a problem that just started to happen, this has been an ongoing problem since before I was legally allowed to vote. We are talking 30 years now.  Each President regardless of party has said they would solve this problem.  Yet not one of them have. President Obama’s attempt to backdoor amnesty with his Executive orders , is a violation of the law. Yet because the Republicans are so afraid of being called racist he gets away with it. Which is total hog wash, since we are all the same race.

Obamacare  is the worst thing that has happened to our health care system. Deductibles went through the roof, premiums jumped way up and the Health care professionals are having to do a ton more paperwork instead of spending time with patients. Yet again we have the feel good crowd that does not want to “take” health insurance away from anyone. Hell to be honest no one does, however what we have now is much worse then what we had going before. Sadly this will be much like those Cities that keep electing the same party and think things are going to change. Folks want to double down on this ,even though if they looked at it using logic instead of emotion they would see its so broken that the only thing to do is repeal it and try and do real reforms. If Hillary is elected we can forget about fixing this.

Folks need to understand that no matter how much you tax the rich it will not pay for the programs we have. Once again the middle class will take the hit and the poor will just get poorer.

If you want to change how your local government is run that’s great by all means gather enough like minded people and do so. However at the Federal level you need to look at the big picture. We are so far in the hole financially that it will take another world war to get us out of it quickly or it will take some serious tighten of the purse strings to get us out of this long term. Personally I vote for long term over a WW3.

Ok its almost 6 am EST and its been another sleepless night for me.