Tuesday’s roundup 10-9-2012

We can start with a feel good story. This is pretty cool story.

A fallen war hero’s Bible which he had in his breast pocket when he was killed in World War One has been reunited with his family – by a stranger who spent 35 years tracking them down.


“Veterans Group: Obama, Biden Cannot Be Trusted with Military Secrets”is the headline from Big Peace. Sadly the headline says it all. The number of leaks coming out of this Administration is outrageous. I won’t hammer anyone on this one, but I would like to see those who are leaking this information to be punished.

North Korea now says they have missiles that can reach the U.S.A. This is not good as we are about to face a huge cut in our military budget. We have defense treaties with Japan, South Korea etc… That in order to honor we will need to spend more on our military not less. Keep in mind that China is increasing their military spending as well as modernizing their military. At a time when the world is on fire, cutting our military is insane.

NATO backs Turkey vs Syria, which is a no brainier since Turkey is a member of NATO. The problem with this is that China and Russia are going to back Syria. In case you have not been paying attention, we have a war going on in Afghanistan , Iraq is still a mess, Japan and China are going head to head over some islands, Syria’s civil war seeping over to Turkey, Iran vs. Israel, just to name a few hot spots in the world today.. Yet we are cutting military spending?

A young girl in Pakistan was shot by the Taliban for promoting educational rights for females in Pakistan. I fail to see how we can keep sending billions of dollars of our tax payer money to any nation who do not stand up for their citizens. After the fact of course the Pakistan police got involved, how could they not have a protection detail on this young lady? We all know the Taliban will target anyone who goes against their vision of Islam. Thankfully the young women is still alive.

Another green energy company going bust.

This is yet another example of the same dynamic. The electric-vehicle push has been a bust, the solar-panel push has been a bust, and taxpayers end up holding the bag … again.

Obama campaign gets more bad news, Sesame Street does not like them using Big Bird in their new ad. Sesame Workshop sends cease-and-desist request to Team Obama Do I really need to add anything to this? How far out of touch is team Obama?

The best explanation (IMO) for people to understand why the comment “you didn’t build that” from President Obama offended so many people.

In all the argument over whether conservatives were taking “you didn’t build that” out of context, few on the left acknowledged that he was trying to say what Warren had said to such acclaim from the Democratic base. Even in context, the argument that accomplishment in business is collective is deeply offensive to most people in business, at least when they are not camouflaging themselves at a college town cocktail party. Since many liberals are genuinely baffled about why this should be so, I shall try to explain. Suffice it to say that the reasons are legion.

The very argument is disingenuous. Neither mainstream Republicans nor the Tea Party activists who drove the 2010 election are against public roads, public education, police departments, firefighters (Warren) or, even, technology spin-offs from necessary spending on national defense (Obama, re the Internet). There has been a broad national consensus around each of these for between 100 and 200 years (I am sure we all remember that Eli Whitney’s invention of interchangeable parts was in the context of defense spending). To suggest otherwise is to erect and demolish a straw man — an argument your adversary never made — the last and worst tactic of a lawyer with a losing case. As any good law professor knows…

The article is well worth the five minutes or so it will take you to read it.

Last thing for now, is a must watch video on the EPA