Do you or don’t you? Congress, President Obama

Tired of the back and forth crap from the right this time. First most on the right got their panties all twisted when it looked like President Obama was going to attack Syria without congressional approval.

Now that the President has said he will go to Congress and ask for permission to attack Syria, instead of saying thank you for following US law they are saying it shows President Obama as being weak to the world.

I don’t care much for President Obama’s policy’s. I make no bones about that. Does the President need to understand that he needs to be careful with drawing lines in the sand ? Sure ! But we need to understand that people make mistakes.

Even a sitting Presidents can make a mistake. Give the man a break, he understands, on this issue, he needs to follow the law. Now if he does not get the approval and attacks any way’s, then we have a problem. Until congress comes back people need to go easy on the President about Syria. God knows there are plenty of other policy issues we can go after or voice our concerns about.