War drums? No we don’t need war drums. If You attack or threaten the United States of America you should be ready for a total war. This limited war crap has gotten the USA nothing, nor has it done any good for the rest of the world.

In WW2 the only surrender the Allies would except was unconditional.
Since then, when we have gotten into other conflicts we tried to show restraint. Korea was left unfinished and look at the problems we are having now with N.Korea. Vietnam was another one of those limited wars, we won the battles but our elected leaders lost the war. During the first Gulf war, we once again left the job unfinished, which lead us back again after 9-11. While this time we did remove the mad man, we also made a few costly mistakes. The biggest was dismissing the Iraqis armed forces. Left with no job and no way to support themselves they ended up fighting a guerrilla war against us as well as fighting between themselves.

When we are attacked we should respond with the full might of our Armed Forces and accept nothing less then an unconditional surrender. If that means stamping out those Imams that preach nothing but hate towards anyone who is not a Muslim then we need to do so. Its time we stopped acting like its acceptable to keep sending our Armed Forces into  limited wars. They solve nothing and cost a huge price in both Blood and money. Enough is enough. Either we go at those who mean to do us harm with no restraints or we allow ourselves to be victims.

The Boston massacre may have been a sick American or it may have been the act of another Nation or terrorist group. If its an American we need to have a speedy trial along with a speedy execution. If its a Nation or a terrorist group, we need to respond the same way we responded to Pearl Harbor.

If N. Korea keeps threatening our Nation as well as our Allies then we need to act before N.Korea attacks. There is only one reason to wait and that’s to build up enough force to finish the job. China needs to be told that since they can’t control N. Korea, we will put an end to N. Korea. We would be doing the N. Koreans a favor in the long run since most of their people are suffering under their current leader. China does not want Korea to be unified because that would make Korea very strong in that region and they could challenge China’s aggressive posture toward their neighbors. Its not because N. Korea is near and dear to China.

Same can be said of Iran and other parts of the Middle east. Either we all get along, or the people who have the best Military will make the rules. The USA does not want to make the rules for the world, but its getting to a point that we, along with our Allies might have to do so.