Monday news 10-22-2012

Insult to injury? Sandra Flukes’s campaign stop for President Obama in Nevada only drew 10 people. Is it possible that people don’t really care about who pays for females contraception’s ? We got a lot of big problems here in the States and creating a so called “War on Women” is not needed, unless you are just trying to get votes. This is one clear example of what is really wrong with out government. Instead of solving real problems they make up crap to distract us from those real problems.
My view is people should not have sex out of wedlock and Doctors need to figure out another alternative to treat female health issues that does not include the pill. I am not saying outlawing the pill or to even make it harder to get. What I am saying is the pill is not always used to prevent pregnancy’s, its used for other female problems. Those other uses are the reason Doctors are prescribing the pill to very young girls. There is a steroid in the pill that is harmful to women, and worse for young women.
Taking the easy way out and treating the symptom instead of the cause is wrong and hurts these young girls in the long run. Its been directly linked to cancer, yet people are strangely silent about it. The old everyone does it so what can you do? (not talking about teen sex talking about having young girls go on the pill for medical reasons)

Donald Trump says he will share some big news on Wednesday about President Obama. Other then that he is not saying much till then. With Trump it could be anything.

Former President Jimmy Carter say’s Middle East peace vanishing. Of course he can’t help it, he has to blame Israel. I wonder what a Jewish person did to him that has made him so against Israel ? Would love to find the answer to that one.

In Afghanistan a man killed his wife, for her wanting to work outside of the home. I have such a hard time understanding why or how something like this happens. I guess there are still some places in the world that are stuck in a certain time period and regardless of what’s going on in the rest of the world they will stick to what they know.

This is a must watch video, dislike saying that because it seems we use that way to much.