Mental illness and guns

Mental illness is a huge problem in our nation. Yet in stead of addressing that issue, we address symptoms. When a mentally ill person attacks another person with a gun, its now the guns fault. Person runs over a bunch of people in a car? Person gets charged with a crime and if they are lucky the Judge may order a mental evaluation if the person is not lucky they will be locked up and once released they will still have the same illness.

Until we treat the cause of these attacks we will keep seeing them.

I keep my guns secured and practice gun safety both at home and on the range.  Am I a gun nut? I don’t think so, I enjoy target shooting and would hunt if it did not require me to get up so early, I do keep a gun handy to defend my family but I hope and pray I never have to use it. Sort of like insurance, you buy it but hope you don’t ever have to use it.

Until people wake up to the real problems we are facing, not just with mental health issues but all of the problems we are facing ,things will only get worse.