Sunday May 5th 2013 headlines and comments

Israel strikes targets in Syria
Israel is not taking any chances with the Syrian civil war. Of course those who are not living surrounded by enemies protest the air strike by IDF. If people shot rockets into the USA from Mexico or Canada how much restraint would we have? I doubt we would have anything close to the restraint Israel has.
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3D-Printed guns are coming….
I have talked about a 3D printer being able to print a gun before. Its seems that they have gotten it done. While they have not fully tested it, I am confident that by the end of the year they will have worked all the bugs out, and the plans will be online for anyone to download.
Forbes has been covering the story


 Weekly standard has article out that says an unnamed person in the Obama administration asks If Assad Drops Sarin On His Own People, what’s that got to do with us?
Lets keep in mind President Obama drew the line in the sand, now he is backing away from it. I am sure this bothers Israel and pleases Iran.

Needless to say, the further We as a Nation move away from God the worse our nation gets.

I have a very bad feeling about the Gosnell trial, we need to keep in mind it only takes one person to prevent justice from being delivered. After 3 days I can’t see how the jury could not have already convicted him. His crimes are hideous

So much other crap going on I can’t read it all. If I did I would get depressed. Since I can do little on a Sunday morning, and can only contact my senators and congressmen tomorrow I will wait till then to read the rest.