Friends on both sides of the isle , This election can make or break us

On the issue of same-sex marriage, marry who you love and who makes you happy, don’t worry about what another couple is doing, regardless of everything else as long as its two consenting adults, and no one else is being hurt by it, why should it be any of your business? What everyone should be doing is showing respect to each other, IMO that means limited displays of public affection for everyone. Holding hands and exchanging light kisses is one thing, making out and doing some light petting is another. Our children don’t need to see that regardless of the sexual orientation of the couple. They see enough of that on T.V.

For those of you who want gun control, how about making our elected officials enforce the laws on the books? We have enough laws already on gun-control but sadly, as with most issues lack of enforcement makes it seem we don’t do enough. Add in the simple fact that the anti-gun lobby makes a ton of money for themselves and for those they donate to and you can see why this is always an issue. For those who wish to bring up the NRA by all means do so, I will tell you that the further those on the left push to ban guns the further the NRA has had to move towards the hard right. In fact the NRA was founded after the civil war because of the awful marksmanship of the Union Soldiers. You can read about that and a few other things that might surprise you here.

On Climate change, when the cost to use renewable energy becomes affordable for the average American household most of us will start using it. As it sits today the cost of certain things are going up or companies are being forced to close because of the EPA’s guidelines. While this might not bother you, there are other Americans who are losing their jobs because of these regulations, congress never passed many of these regulations into law, most have been decided on because of political pressure from whoever is sitting in the White House. Then you have other Americans who are having to get second jobs in order to pay for the cost increase these regulations have caused. I am not just a conservative when it comes to politics, I support preserving  nature,  using items more then once such as plastic , getting better gas mileage, just to name a few.

First question for any new regulation should be does it do any harm to people? If so what type of harm? Harm can be different things, if it harms someone’s ability to put food on the table, that’s a bigger problem then if a 100 years down the road we might have a problem with something else.

On education, seems to me that the local and state governments should be in charge of what their kids are being taught, not someone sitting 3000 miles away. If the kids are not learning what they need to learn, the parents should be able to go to the local school board and make the changes that need to be made. Instead parents have to hear how its a federal guideline and in order to qualify for federal grant we have to teach it this way. That’s nuts, why not take the money that the federal government hands out as grants and give it back to the states. It makes no sense , I force you to give me money, then I force you to do things they way I tell you or you don’t get your money back. How it should work is that all of the tax money collected and ear marked for education should be spent the way the local school board feels give their children the best education they can. Take a look at what 8th graders used to have to pass in order to move up here is another test for 8th graders from 1895. Now take a look at what we should be doing today. Instead we are allowing what is taught to our children be dictated to us by the federal government. Allowing the local school board to decide what is taught without having to worry about getting federal grants would make them accountable to the kids as well as the parents. My thoughts are not equaling my words. The bottom line is as much money as we spend as a nation on education , our children should be in the top 3 world wide. Its very important to remember that as we move and more more towards a global economy our kids will have to compete with kids from other nations. (IMO the global economy is here)

Military we should always maintain the strongest military that we can. Having the best equipped , best trained and best motivated military prevents wars. Yes I know we have been at war with terrorist since before the attacks on 9/11, however that is the exception to the rule. Not only that but it was nuts for us to even think about cutting our Military in the middle of a war, yet that’s what we allowed to happen. Its better to have the biggest stick and never need it.

Reducing spending should not be as hard as our elected officials are making it out to be. Instead of pointing to the big things that eat our tax dollars up, we should look at things we can reduce or cut.

Take a look at the number of Federal law enforcement agencies we have. Its unreal the number we have, and a lot over lap each other. We have DOS, DSS, IRS-CID, AIGTA, USMP, SS, DOD, DCIS, NSA police, ATF, DEA, FBI, BOP, USMS, USDI which has 5 separate agencies) USDA, DOC, FDA, ED-OIG, VA, DHS (which has 7 separate agencies), CIA-SPS, Federal Reserve Police, Library of Congress Police,Smithsonian National Zoological Park Police, USCP, USPIS, USPO, and the US Supreme Court Police. Now I am just guessing here , but I some of these could be combined. The USCP and the Library of Congress could be combined. Just thinking about that makes my head spin.

That is just one section of our Federal Government, imagine if we looked at were each tax dollar went.