These are just a few things that I would do right away if I was given the chance

Cut spending by 10% each year for four years.

Remove bad parts of ACA, allow Doctors and Medical staff to have their say in how to fix it.
Repealing the law would be great however we still need to address our health care cost problem. The answers to these problems are there. We just need to listen to those who have the answers, Not the politicians who have never practiced medicine! There are a few Doctors in Congress let them head up the rewrite…

Remove common core as the educational standard, allow states to set their own standards. There should be no stings attached to Federal tax money. It goes to the states and they should use it how they see fit.

Pass a law that spells out the Federal governments stand on marriage benefits, if a couple is married in one state that marriage must be honored in any other state of the Union. Regardless if you call it a civil union or marriage. This would do two things, it would make all married couples get treated the same regardless of their sex and would force states that don’t allow same sex marriages to honor those who move to their state. I am big fan of allowing states to decided their own path, on this issue it just seems to cause to much pain not to address it.

Secure the border, put the US Army and Marines at the border and let them patrol it. Makes not sense not to use them as it would be a good training tool for our Military. Plus we could turn back folks before they get over the border. Not to mention finding those folks who end up needing medical attention. Once we have closed the border then when can address those that are already here.
People make a mistake when they think its only those from Central and South America that are here illegally .