Virginia’s election

Few things about Virginia’s election. If you look at the map, you will see that as normal those in the cities voted for the person who will give them stuff. Those outside the cities had more of an even split or in some cases voting for the Republican Ken Cuccinelli or the so called Libertarian Sarvis. Those that voted for Sarvis only helped the democrats, and hurt those who are closer politically to their views. As close as the race was going to be, I find it hard to understand why they would throw the election for the democrats. Blows my mind. If just 3% of those voting for Sarvis voted instead for Ken Cuccinelli we would have won the election.

So now what do we do? In Virginia , much like the Federal government we are going to have grid lock. Which is not near as bad as allowing the Democrats to control both houses and the E.O.

If people would stop and do their homework, find out what issues mean the most to them, and then find out which issues they could deal with, and the issues they are totally against , we might start electing people with more of the same views instead of voting along party lines. Tired of both parties and most of the people in them.