My kind of government

I am pretty simple when it comes to what I want and don’t want.
For me other then at election times or national crisis , I for one would rather here less about my government. Face it the smaller the better. If you think that government knows what works better for you , then you do, you might have some mental issues.

Perfect government is a limited government. I would go so far and say that as long as you are not hurting anyone else and minding your own business , the government should leave you alone. Now I am speaking about the Federal government , but it applies to the state level as well. Why not have citizens in a town or county have a direct say in how their local government is going to govern? The local pays a tax to the state for roads and emergency responders and the states pay a tax to the Feds for national defense. Am I over simplifying it? Yes to a small degree, however I don’t see either party pushing for less of a federal foot print. Sure the Republicans might say it, but look at the size of government we had before President Bush took office. Granted on his watch we got attacked and it was a so called “new threat” and we got caught flat footed, but we responded with adding way to many new laws and regulations. I love President Bush, not because he was a Republican, but because he stood by his moral beliefs. If we still had Blue dog democrats President Bush would have been right at home with them.

Yes I know I have not been posting much, in my defense, Just have not felt like writing much. We seem to be stuck in the same silly ass news cycle, in fact I could repost some stuff and just change a few names and it could pass as new.